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WFC - Diary:

Day 7 WFC 2018 Saxony: Finale

Photo: final - Finland vs. Sweden (3:7)
(Foto: Katharina Ecklebe,
» final «
Poland : Norway (4 : 3), Germany : Latvia (2 : 4),
Czech : Switzerland (3 : 4), Finland : Sweden (3 : 7)

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Tag 6 der WFC 2018 Saxony: placemebt games & semi finals

Photo: semi finals - Finland vs. Czech (4:3)
(Foto: Katharina Ecklebe,
» semi finals «
Russia : Slovakia (7 : 3), Sweden : Switzerland (15 : 2),
Finland : Czech (4 : 3)

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Day 5 WFC 2018 Saxony

Photo: Game Group A - Hungary vs. Russia (0:6)
(Foto: Katharina Ecklebe,
» Group Game «
Hungary : Russia (0 : 6), Czech : Poland (7 : 1),
Sweden : Latvia (10 : 1), Slovakia : Switzerland (0 : 12),
Norway : Germany (4 : 1)

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Day 4 - WFC 2018 Saxony

Photo: Game Group B - Germany vs. Finland (0:8)
(Foto: Katharina Ecklebe,
» Group Game «
Czech : Hungary (12 : 0), Germany : Finland (0:8),
Russia : Latvia (4 : 4), Poland : Sweden (1 : 13),
Switzerland : Norway (9 : 0)

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Day 3 - WFC 2018 Saxony

Photo: Game Group A - Hungary vs. Poland (1:5)
(Photo: Katharina Ecklebe,
» Group Game «
Finland : Slovakia (21 : 0), Hungary : Poland (1 : 5),
Germany : Switzerland (1 : 5), Latvia : Czech (1 : 2),
Sweden : Russia (13 : 2)

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Personal congratulation from Tomas Eriksson, IFF President

IFF Präsident Tomas Eriksson On Tuesday IFF-President Tomas Eriksson sent an eMail to the organisation team to thank for the great opening ceremony, which gave permanent impression to IFF officials.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tomas Eriksson is on the way to switzerland where the second student world championships will be played on Thursday 11-09-06 till Sunday 11-12-06 in Bern.

Last night, interviewed a good humored president: » Audio-Interview with Mr. Tomas Eriksson (german)

Day 2 - WFC 2018 Saxony

Photo: Switzerland vs. Finland (1:4)
(Photo: Katharina Ecklebe,
» Group Game «
Poland : Russia (12 : 5), Norway : Slovakia (8 : 1),
Hungary : Latvia (1 : 10), Switzerland : Finland (1 : 4),
Czech : Sweden (1 : 7)

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Day 1 - WFC 2018 Saxony

Photo: Vorrunde - Schweden vs. Ungarn (17:0)
(Photo: Katharina Ecklebe,
» Group Game «
Sweden : Hungary (17 : 0), Russia : Czech (3 : 7),
Latvia : Poland (4 : 7), Slovakia : Germany (1 : 4),
Finland : Norway (8 : 1)

» All WFC 2018 Saxony pictures

The World Floorball Championship 2006 Women U19 are opened

IFF president Tomas Eriksson opened the WFC 2018 Saxony Today, the World Floorball Championships Women U19 were opened by the IFF president Tomas Eriksson in the evening of friday. 400 guests saw a great show with dance acts, artist and a magic show. The atmosphere during the ceremony was wonderful and the participating nations celebrated their games...

» report of the event & pictures
(in german)

Editorial IFF President U19 in Germany

Distinguished guests and Floorball friends,

 On behalf of the International Floorball Federation, IFF, I have the pleasure and honour to announce the second U19 Women organized in Germany, with as many as 11 countries. Once again we have the pleasure of being in Germany where the first historic U19 was organized in 2001. In 2001 we recall good organization, a friendly atmosphere and good coverage in media locally as well within the State. These are good signs for this edition!

The IFF is very pleased with the German Floorball Association as an organizer, and the DUB has developed good skills in organizing at the earlier events at the U19 in 2001 and at the EC Finals in 2004. All events were organized in the eastern parts of Germany where DUB has developed a broad base, which has been the starting point for the jumpstart of development in all the 16 member states of Germany. In the recent years both IFF and the major manufacturers within Floorball have supported this important work. We all look at Germany as an important country both in sport in general and for attracting the media and sponsors and co-operating partners at large.

On the international level the “family” has grown to 38 member associations, and Armenia was the latest country to joint the IFF. The IFF has laid down the program and roadmap with a number of more then twenty potential member candidates as one of many steps in order to achieve the objective to be recognized by the IOC.

Looking forward to seeing you all and a thrilling tournament. The IFF conveys many thanks to Germany and the German Floorball Association in co-operation with the cities of Grimma, Naunhof and Leipzig for hosting the WFC U19.

Yours sincerely,

Tomas Eriksson
IFF President

Internationals between Czech Republic and Finland:

On the international weekend 9.-10.9.2006 women U19 internationals were played in Czech Republic. On Saturday 9.9. and on Sunday 10.9. Czech Republic and Finland played two friendly games in Nymburk Sport Centre.

 Team Finland travelled to Czech Republic on Thursday morning. On Thursday Finnish team had two practice sessions in Nymburk Sport Centre. On Friday morning also the Czech team arrived to Sport Centre and both teams had two training sessions, where they prepared for weekends internationals.  ....

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Kaarina Salomaa
Team Manager
Finland Women U19

Informations about the teams:

   Russia:  This World Floorball Championship U 19 will be the first for our national woman team when they play in such composition. The national team is represented of our teams Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30, Vodnik (Nizhny Novgorod), Belue Medvedi (Moscow), Burevestnik PGU (Archangelsk). The middle age of our players no more than 17. Our aims are to show spectacular and exciting play, to understand and to guess the tactics of an opposing team ans save our positions in Group A. Our slogan is (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

Marina Yablokova
General Manager
Departement of International Cooperation
Russian Floorball Federation

Photo session:

"Hot shots, cool games": Sachsen erneut WM-Gastgeber

After the soccer world cup Saxony will be the host for another big event this year. November 6-12 the U 19 Woman Floorball Championship will take place in Naunhof and Leipzig. 
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Naunhofs WM soll Schule machen

Women Floorball Championship in Naunhof Parthelandhalle are trend-setting. ...
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Message of Greeting to the WFC 2018 Saxony:

by the Minister of the Free State of Saxony
Mr. Hermann Winkler
more »

by the Swiss Ambassador to Germany
His Excellency Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer

more »

by the Finish Ambassador to Germany
His Excellency René Nyberg

more »

by the Ambassador of the Kingdom Sweden to Germany
Mrs. Ruth Jacoby

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